Urge Congress to Pass The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

America’s tax code is broken. It is too complicated and outdated. Earlier this month, conservatives in Congress released a plan to fix the code called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This legislation will help improve the lives of all Americans – especially the middle-class. Here’s how:

  • Bigger Paychecks – Under this proposal, a typical middle-class family will see a tax cut of $1,200. This will allow American workers to keep more of their hard-earned money to save, invest, and spend as they see fit.
  • More Jobs – By lifting tax burdens on small businesses and unleashing American competitiveness, this legislation encourages investments in our local communities and brings jobs home.  
  • Simpler, Fairer Taxes – By eliminating special interest loopholes and simplifying the code, Americans will spend less time and money filing their taxes every year, giving families much-needed relief and more peace of mind.

Use the this form to tell your Representative to support the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and click here to read the bill.


Tell your representative to support the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that will put American growth, American jobs and American wages first!


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Thank you for contacting your representative and urging them to support tax reform that will raise wages, lower rates, and grow the middle class!